So recently, some of the biggest movies out have been the new Avengers movie and Unfriended. I have seen both and I found them really interesting, for different reasons, since they are obviously different movies.
So first I’ll talk about “Unfriended”. unfriended-poster (1)
If you haven’t seen, Unfriended is a horror film based on the activities of a dead girl’s social media accounts. It opens with some of her friends receiving skype calls, messages and photos from the girl’s account and goes on to explore the idea of supernatural online activity.
Now I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it was a really interesting concept, and is all filmed from one computer screen and the activity on it, including text ased interactions, which allow for “the protagonist’s corrections and deletions to reveal subtexts, fears and unspoken secrets..” according to the Irish Times

The reason I found this so interesting is…

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