Quintus Curtius

My latest article at Return Of Kings puts the current controversy over the film Mad Max: Fury Road in perspective as part of an ongoing attempt at social engineering coming out of Hollywood.  The outlines of the agenda are not too difficult to discern, for those of us who have been exposed to Hollywood’s output for the past thirty years.

The gist of the message is that women are morally and physically superior to men.  Men are seen as ancillary to a woman’s quest for empowerment and freedom; they are to be tolerated at best, but more often excoriated or marginalized.  This is the message–delivered both subconsciously and overtly–that has been drilled into the heads of the public for decades.  The results of this constant denigration of males are now being felt.

It isn’t surprising that, at some point, a backlash would develop.  What is interesting is just how frantic…

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