Mad Max – Fury Road: Simply brutal and majestic.

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The post apocalypse of Hollywood car movies – The  unreal excess of-over the top CGI graphics (Fast 7 I am looking at you here) with unreal physics defying cars chases with characters surviving the biggest impacts that would destroy mere mortals with only a slight headache– Mad Max: Fury Road 30 years in the waiting arrives with huge slice of realism coupled with explosive action and invested characters.

A full 30 years has passed since we last saw Mad Max in a feature length film. Mad Max the Road Warrior (Ford Falconless) Beyond Thunderdome, 1985 was the year that Back to the future was released and the NES unleashed on the world and I was 8 years old and my girlfriend was 12 years from being born.

In the last 30 years there have been many rumours and confirms of a…

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