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Rubio answers Iraq question

Democrat media attempts to rewrite history and blame Republicans for today’s crisis in the Middle East.  Sen. Marco Rubio will have none of it and gives the most intelligent response to liberal media “what if – gotcha” questions.  Liberal media demonizing of Republicans relies on the ignorance of both the LiV (low-information voter) viewing public and Republican respondents falling into their traps.

Leftwing liberal Democrats are saying that George Bush ousting Saddam Hussein destabilized the region, created ISIS, and is the root cause of all the wars and uprising raging across the Middle East.

Rightwing conservative Republicans say that Obama’s precipitous withdrawal from Iraq in 2010 against military advice, followed by his support and endorsement of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist rebels to overthrow secular leaders, are the causes of the rise of Islamo-nazis throughout the Middle East.

It obviously doesn’t matter which is actually correct.  This is a matter…

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